Self Contained Ratchet Strap, 27' with wire hooks
Self Contained Ratchet Strap 27"

Self Contained Ratchet Strap, 27' with wire hooks

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2" Self Contained Ratchet Strap 27' long with wire hooks

This new Self Contained 2" wide, Long Handle Hatchet with Patented Design is quickly changing the tie-down industry, This revolutionary Ratchet Strap Assembly is truly a truck drivers dream. With a rated capacity of 11,000 lbs. and a Working Load Limit of 3,665 lbs.this impressive new heavy duty design will work on most all applications. This is the first ever Self Contained Ratchet; it's patented design allows the user to use as much or as little of the strap as needed while the rest of the webbing is secured and stored safely behind the ratchet.

NO MORE excess webbing flapping around in the wind.

NO MORE tying or taping up the extra webbing from your assemblies.

NO MORE chances of getting a ticket for unsecured straps holding your load.

Our built in handle makes it easy to wind up the webbing when you are through using the strap and this allows for the complete assembly to be stored neatly after each use.

These ratchets can hold up to 30 ft. of adjustment and the webbing is easy to replace.

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